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About Machaya

  • Enjoy authentic, moderately-volumed klezmer, rock, swing, classical, Israeli, international music. We are proud to offer nearly all types of music, all with highest professional quality, for a genuine mix of music and dancing. Volume is always a key sensitivity. We are never too loud!
  • Experience an exciting and spirited wedding, including traditional tish and bedeken music.
  • Involve all the guests with Jay's famous klezmer dance leading. Band Director Jay McCrensky is the originator of klezmer dancing popular across the US!
  • Enthuse the bar mitzvah friends through Jay's acclaimed, innovative and involving teen games and game leading skills.
  • Plan through our flexibility of 2 to 8 musicians. We also provide DJs and dancers.
  • Trust our experience and quality. Barbara's experience in party planning comes free with the band to help assure a smooth running, well timed, dynamic affair. We delight all your guests while satisfying the needs of the caterers, photographers, videographers and other complementary team members. Our MC skills, music selection, timing, game and dance leading and Jewish ceremonial experience assure a successful event.
  • We travel. Our home base is Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, but we perform concerts and private affairs in New England, New York, New Jersey and across the US.